Automated Invoice Capture

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Eliminate manual data entry into your ERP or accounting system, capture line items for reconciliation, identify invoices for automated workflow and increase accuracy and turn- around time all at once. There is one invoice capture solution that enables you to get started fast, affordably and yet completely aligned with your business rules – ERICA (Elementum Rapid Invoice Capture – Advanced)

Accelerate Invoice Data Entry with ERIC and ERICA

Developed on IBM Datacap, ERICA is specifically designed to scan and/or accept email attachments, capture, verify and export invoice information. ERICAdynamically locates data on invoices, extracting and validating such fields as PO Number, ABN/IRD/GST Number, Invoice Number, and Invoice Date along with dynamic line item capture and reconciliation.

With ERICA, the manual steps of invoice processing are virtually eliminated. OCR software combined with the Rules Based functionality of  IBM Datacap  means ERICA offers the most functionally rich and accurate Invoice Capture solution in the Australian Market.

Key Features:

  • Handles new invoices on the fly
  • Supports multi-page invoices and line item capture at no extra charge
  • Database lookups and math checks to ensure the highest degree of accuracy
  • Configurable rules to manage your invoice processing application
  • Formats data for all Accounts Payable systems
  • Provides for easy Purchase Order reconciliation at data entry to assure a rapid three-way match in the ERP system later

Processing invoices has never been easier or faster! The rules-driven workflows make extending the solution to other documents, such as expense reports, purchase orders, and receipts, easier than any other solution.

Don’t need Line Items? Then the answer is ERIC. Elementum Rapid Invoice Capture for Header Level only.



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