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IBM Datacap Document and Data Capture

IBM Datacap is a complete solution for document capture and forms processing. Using IBM Datacap’s rules engine, capture can be tailored to fit the most demanding business requirements – and change quickly when things change – and they always do…

By combining the best of breed recognition for OCR, ICR, OMR and barcode recognition with a standard library of hundreds of script-based rules to classify documents, recognize, find and validate data, IBM Datacap accurately captures data from any type of structured, highly variable or unstructured form.

Key Advantages

  • Ultimate Flexibility – IBM Datacap Rules enable easy configuration and adjustment of the entire capture process
  • Capture independence – Whether it’s best-of-breed recognition engines, SOA, ECM, databases or scanners, IBM Datacap provides the freedom to choose.
  • Cost of ownership – With easier, less costly configuration and management, no dongles or per click charges and simplified client licensing, IBM Datacap ensures a faster and higher return on your investment.

Complex Forms Processing

IBM Datacap will efficiently extract any kind of data from a printed form, including machine print, hand print, bar code, or check boxes. IBM Datacap’s innovative Dynamic Natural Analysis technology enables IBM Datacap to locate data on structured, semi-structured and unstructured forms. IBM Datacap’s flexible data capture solution will scan, classify, recognize, validate, verify and export data and document images quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.

High Volume Document Image Indexing

For indexing applications, the bottleneck remains manual data entry of indexes for efficient storage and retrieval. Many organizations use IBM Datacap to streamline the process by using recognition to identify indexes on the document and apply them automatically. Furthermore, IBM Datacap automates the document identification, an important aspect of indexing. Use IBM Datacap to increase efficiency, accelerate turnaround time and lower the cost of indexing.




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